My Art is my Journey – Jan Harrington-Johnson

My art has been a journey of learning. I began in Malawi and continued in Rhodesia. My Brother Rob, gave me my first tin of watercolours with 36 pans, unfortunately the box rusted, I still have the pans. some of them hardly used and surprising even though they are 45 years old I can still paint with them.

Art has been a physical journey of placing images onto canvas and paper.

A journey of growing knowledge about art, artists, mediums and about myself.

I started out cataloguing memories, sketching, painting. It has been important to me as I cannot return to my home country it has been renamed. I have lost much in the past and gained much in my journey to the country, Australia I now call home.

My painting has been a healer, I love what I see, I want to hold that moment in time, the pleasure of the seen moment. I want to capture a colour, an atmosphere, a step so that it is not forgotten. Some of my paintings are full of the story. Others are exactly what I see, because of the pleasure that scene has given me.

I love the process, the creation, and at the end find I can step into my memory on the canvas.

I have found an art family, who have become my friends, however fleetingly we pass each, we grow together. They all uniquely offer a growth in my work and a growth in me.

I am glad I have found My Art it feeds my soul, it gives me peace, I will always go on laying memories for people to see.

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