My earliest memories are of drawing. Growing up in the remote Zambian bush without electricity and other modern conveniences, I drew frequently to entertain myself. The subject matter consisted mostly of my pets, the local villagers, and the domestic and wild animals around our farm.  I would draw them until I thought they were perfect in their anatomy and expression.

Career, travel and raising a family pushed my love of drawing aside.  A gift of a box of oil pastels from an artist friend reignited the passion and for the last few years, drawing and painting has once again become my obsession.  My love of gardening influences my work and I especially love to paint Australian native flora in all its dramatic and bizarre forms.  The irresistible beauty of Sydney introduced me to the landscape and I often start a painting on location, making several drawings and then reworking the final painting in my studio.

Oil paint and oil pastel are my favourite painting media. Oil pastel is an extremely underrated material that combines the vibrant colour & luscious brush strokes of oil paint with the detailed control of a drawing instrument.

Even before the reawakening of my love of painting, I discovered digital art and continue to explore its possibilities as an art medium in its own right, as well as a tool in the traditional production of art.

You can contact me on 0417 491 395.

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