Suzanne Lane

Award winning Sydney artist Suzanne Lane has a unique eye for capturing the diverse landscapes which make up her harbour city and bushland environment. Her subject matter ranges from scenes of Sydney Harbour and coastal landscapes to more abstract interpretations of specific subject matter, such as the detail on the side of a rusty container ship.

Stylistically, Suzanne’s work is predominantly semi-abstract landscape. She creates a rich surface through layering of media and washes of colour. The compositions are a balance of open space against detail, light tone against dark, hard edge against gestural brushwork.

After completing her formal training at the National Art School in Sydney, Suzanne has enjoyed a successful career as both a secondary school art teacher and as an artist exhibiting at numerous galleries and venues in Sydney. She has also been a finalist in major exhibitions such as the Archibald Prize, the Sir John Sulman Prize and the Portia Geach Award.

She currently lives, works and exhibits in Sydney.

Contact Details

Suzanne Lane (nee French-Kennedy)

E: suzannelane40@gmail.com

P: 02 91441249

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