for Exhibitions and Exhibiting Membership

  • Selecting artists for exhibiting membership involves the Selection Committee taking considerable time to look at each painting submitted and basing their decisions on very important points.
  • Overall, a good painting immediately pleasing to the viewer. Sound composition, colour, harmony, movement, balance and interesting subject matter.
  • Other considerations include draughtsmanship, showing knowledge of good drawing, all over painterliness and above all creativity.
  • Creativity can occasionally overrule some of the other requirements.
  • For submitting for Exhibiting Membership, we would like to see five paintings in no more than two mediums.
  • In submitting paintings, artists should be aware it is important to have five very consistent major works. It is unwise to submit four of your best paintings and then add another because you have to present five paintings. If this is your only option, you would do better to wait till the next intake when you have five of your best works.
  • Framing and general presentation can also make a difference because we can then see how the work will be presented for exhibition.
  • Selecting for an exhibition is similar to the requirements for the intake for exhibiting membership. We take a long time to consider each painting as this is our only way of showing the public the Society‚Äôs best work.
  • We also have to consider the overall look of the exhibition. This is another major consideration. After we have made our initial selection which is a majority decision of the Selection Committee we go back to the paintings we have put aside for reconsideration. Paintings are not rejected lightly. No artist would want to be represented in an exhibition by a poor work and the Society does not want to present to the public poor and/or badly framed paintings.
  • For KAS Exhibitions while every endeavour will be made to hang at least one work from each artist there will be no guarantee that this will occur.